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Community Development School

The Community Development School provides training in a biblical approach to community transformation in all spheres of society, beginning with the growth of the individual and his or her relationship with God. The principles and practices are designed to bring change in varied settings, from rural to urban, and from slums to refugee camps in this globalized world. This course equips students with skills to help communities initiate and accomplish strategic activities that will bring life and growth towards God's purposes in His kingdom on earth. The curriculum helps the participant cultivate a solid working knowledge of transformation, development values, fundamental skills, godly character and good relationships.

Prerequisites: DSP 211 & 212 and one full school with field assignment in a community development related field of study, or equivalent community development field experience of 2 year
Credits: 12
Date Location Languages
01/04/2015 BRAZIL/Marine Reach Brazil National office Por, Eng
TBA USA/Youth With A Mission Virginia Eng
TBA AUSTRALIA/Youth With A Mission Perth Eng
TBA JAMAICA, WEST INDIES/Youth With A Mission Montego Bay Eng
TBA ENGLAND, U.K./Youth With A Mission Harpenden Eng
TBA USA/Youth With A Mission Eng
TBA USA/Youth With A Mission Denver Eng
TBA USA/Youth With A Mission Denver Eng
TBA /UofN Bali Eng,Ind
TBA BRAZIL/Marine Reach Brazil National office Por,Eng
TBA MEXICO/YWAM San Diego Baja - San Antonio Del Mar Campus Eng,Spa
TBA SAMOA/Youth With A Mission Samoa Base ENG/SAM
TBA COSTA RICA/Youth With A Mission San Jose Eng,Spa
TBA UGANDA/Youth With A Mission Hope Land Eng
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